Yep...they are saying some great things. And we aren't making any of it up. Cheers!

Great sushi bar right of 93... from Pete L.

Rate: 45

Great sushi bar just off I93 in Windham, New Hampshire, via exit 3 going West a mere few minutes away. Good as a traveler's stop and for pick up.

The eel sushi was $5, the egg sushi $4 and the smoked salmon sushi $5. The tempura looked and tested yummy, just the right amount of batter, not overly oily. The eel was large. All was fresh.

Welcome to Windham! from Ioana S.

Rate: 50

We visited Kumo three times in the last week and we love it. It's cozy, the food is fresh, and the service is great. I recommend the seafood soup, the sashimi, and any of the many types of sushi rolls on the menu.

We have not tried any of the hibachi dishes but what we've seen so far is very impressive. Welcome to Windham, Kumo!